5 November 2016
Genocidal white Laughter
Workshop by Teresa Maria Díaz Nerío
Hosted by FLAT, Amsterdam (NL)
In this workshop artist and researcher Teresa Maria Díaz Nerío introduces her concept of Genocidal white Laughter, which concerns the extended use of everyday-racist-“jokes” and other laughter inducing antics. Díaz Nerío will examine how the correlation between laughter, coloniality and genocide serves to perpetuate a psychopathic behavior guided towards protecting the idea and rule of whiteness – therein enabling the continual expropriation of resources from the Global South.

Together with the participants she engages in a dialogue about how these elements work together to make people of color envision capitalism as the horizon of happiness and whiteness as the rule of beauty. The motive to focus on this subject is to encourage people to be more compassionate and to understand the meaning behind their laughter, and what does it mean when one’s life becomes a joke to somebody else.

The workshop is hosted by FLAT Station, a not-for-profit organisation of art workers who organise multiform art events, share a social life and form a creative force and network in the Bijlmer.