16 October – 11 February
Race, Aesthetics, and the City
Reading group by E.A.M.
Hosted by Butcher’s tears, Amsterdam (NL), Helicopter, The Hague (NL), Peach and Rotterdam (NL)
Race, Aesthetics, and the City is a series of 6 reading groups organised and led by independent researcher and writer Egbert Alejandro Martina, that takes place between October 2016 and February 2017 at Butcher's Tears in Amsterdam, Helicopter in The Hague and Peach in Rotterdam.

The reading group explores the intersection of race, space, and aesthetics in the city and the role that sexism, heteronormativity, classism, racism, ableism, fatphobia, and capitalism play in shaping ideas on the built environment, and determining ‘the place’ of people in society.

Some of the questions the reading group raises: How does the presence of certain bodies structure spaces and how is space culturally constructed? How does oppression affect how bodies ‘take up’ space, and what they ‘can do’?

Together we will look at texts written by Sylvia Wynter, Simon Gikandi, Katherine McKittrick, Shannon Sullivan, e.a. Download the syllabus here.

The first two reading sessions are hosted by Butcher’s tears, a small brewery located on a canal side in Amsterdam-Zuid, set up by pilgrims from the north lands as a base port for voyages on the seven foaming seas of gold. Visit their proeflokaal, a haven to clear your senses from the blur.

The second two reading sessions are hosted by Helicopter, a new artist-run space in the Hague that incorporates movement and connections through the air thus implying contact with other, international places on earth.

The last two reading sessions are hosted by Peach, an exhibition space run by artists Ghislain Amar and Anna Maria Łuczak in an apartment in the south of Rotterdam.