29 October 2016
Gentle Dust workshop and performance
Workshop by Mbali Khoza and Dorine van Meel
Hosted by ROOM Gallery & Projects, Johannesburg (SA)
In this workshop participants will respond to a set of questions/exercises that look at the ‘museum of modern art’ as a institute of power that has been able to define the art discourse and the art canon, excluding a vast amount of artists and practices while presenting itself as global.

Together with artists Mbali Khoza and Dorine van Meel the participants discuss the need for self-organised projects spaces versus the need to be included in the bigger institutions and their canon, as well as what the decolonisation of institutions of display/places of exhibitions could entail. The responses formulated by the participating artists during this workshop are performed in the space throughout the course of the evening.

The readings are hosted by ROOM Gallery and Projects, a young independent platform for exhibitions and the presentation of creative projects focused on dialogue, exchange and collaboration located in Johannesburg.